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Michael Taylor

How To Spot (And Fix)These Silent Dangers In The Home

Our homes should be where we always feel safe, but they can also house hidden dangers. Here’s how to recognize invisible threats—and how to handle them.

Emergency Call Tips That Can Save Your Life

The last number anyone wants to dial is 911—until your life depends on it. Here are several important tips to keep you calm and focused in an emergency until help arrives.

How To Actually Get Your Resume Seen

The job market may be booming, but getting a resume seen is harder than ever thanks to online applications. Here’s what applicants need to know—and what employers need to look out for.

Bad Influencers: Social Media Accounts That Game The System

Sometimes social media stars are dishonest about how they got their followers. Here’s how to tell who’s cheating and who’s the real deal—and how to gain an authentic following.

How To Spot (And Deal With) A Sociopath

An estimated 7.6 million Americans exhibit sociopathic behaviors. We identify some of the most common warning signs and what steps people can take to protect themselves.

I’ll Never Let Go, Jack Russell Terrier: Stories Of Animals Aboard The Titanic

You’ve heard about the passengers and crew who were on the Titanic. But did you know there were animal passengers too? Here are their stories.

The Shallow End Of The Gene Pool: Animals That Are Evolutionary Mistakes

Some animals seem to have the genetic cards stacked against them...or do they? Check out our list of animals with some bizarre evolutionary traits.

The Origins Of The Most Iconic Video Game Characters

Video games may have gotten more complex, but we still have a fondness for golden age characters. Here’s the unlikely stories behind their creation.

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