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Mary Sauer

8 Controversial Children’s Toys You Can Find On Amazon (And Their Less Offensive Alternatives)

There’s no limit to the number of unusual toys you can find on Amazon, but these eight controversial toys are better left in the past.

Fake News: James Frey And Other Influential People Exposed As Fakes

These stories of fraud reveal just how far people will go for their own gain.

America’s Obsession With The Shower

We shower a lot in America. Some countries shower much more, others a bit less. What's the magic number?

Raining (On) Men: Is The Y Chromosome Washing Away?

Historically, the Y chromosome can't catch a break. What does this mean for the future of the men?

It Takes Two: The Science Of Being A Twin

Twins play an awesome role in the world of genetics research, teaching us more about how we become who we are.

“The Schmidt Pain Index” And What You Need To Know About Getting Stung

Unsurprisingly, getting stung really bites. So why did this researcher let over 80 insects sting him?

6 Things Your Wedding Party Shouldn’t Have To Deal With

We've heard of the outrageous things some brides and grooms ask of their wedding parties, but these requests really take the cake.

7 Things That Most People Pretend To Understand (But Don’t Really Get)

Do us all a favor and brush up on these common misunderstandings.

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