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Mark Kosin

Here’s The Church, Older Than People: Ancient Buildings We Still Use

These buildings certainly passed the test of time.

Conversing With Society, Conversing With Ourselves: The History Of Hashtags, Memes, And Selfies

The history of memes, selfies, and hashtags goes back a lot farther than you'd think.

The Difference Between Ethnic Food In America Vs. The Homeland (And Does It Matter)

Should we demand authentic origins or bona fide flavors? Obviously it's a little more complicated than that. We dig in to find out what "Americanized" ethnic food really means.

6 Secrets About Shopping “Healthy” At The Grocery Store

They seem to be sprouting up in every neighborhood, but are these health-branded chains delivering on all their lofty claims?

Aliens Are Real (At Least According To These High-Ranking Officials)

These prominent people in government want you to know that "the truth" is out there.

Brand Partnerships That Failed Miserably (And A Few That Worked)

Do you take this brand, in good PR and bad, to be your partner for as long as it is mutually beneficial?

The Oddest Things About America That Americans Haven’t Realized

Look a little deeper. The USA is an odd place.

Game Show Winners Share What Actually Happens When The Cameras Stop Rolling

Contestants win, get congratulated by the host, and the credits roll. But what really happens next?

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